All about IELTS

All about IELTS

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Posted on 13-Oct-2019

All about IELTS

IELTS is a known word for most of us, which means the International English Learning Testing System. IELTS measures the language aptitude of people who want to study abroad or work abroad where English is the main language for communication. IELS uses a score format of 1 to 9 to measure the capability level of English proficiency.

IELTS has four modules to test the proficiency like reading, writing, listening & speaking. A candidate has to perform well among the four-module to gain the targeted point. The final point of IELTS calculates from the average points of reading, writing, listening & speaking.


Effectiveness of IELTS

Worldwide people move for varieties reasons such as travel, migration, study, work, treatment and more. He who is not a native English speaking will face communicating with others where the main communication language is English.

IELTS is approved as proof of English language proficiency for Migration, study and work in UK, USA, Australia, and New Zealand. The particular country sets its own IELTS requirements which update on their website.

More than 10,000 education and training providers accept IELS as the evidence of proficiency in the English Language worldwide. There are some educational institutions worldwide who also require IELTS score in case of the course is in English.

English is the main language for communication in most countries in the world, who accept the IELTS certificate as proof of English language proficiency. IELTS is a prerequisite for applicants and international graduates. Employers, professional bodies and associations rely on IELTS to choose the right employee.

Where to learn IELTS?

There is a lot of institutes in the counties that teach IELTS. But to select the right teacher to learn IELTS is a challenge for the students and the professionals.

Scholars Home is connecting the best teacher of IELTS in this platform. Students and professional can select the right teacher by testing with a free class. In our online live teaching platform students can communicate with the teachers in their convenient time.